Lovers & Partners

Learning to Please Your Partner

A thirty-year old man has questions about his lovemaking and is desperate to know why his lovers have not been happy with him. Another man in his forties worries day and night if he will ever find a partner who would desire him. And yet another man wonders what it means to be curious, to listen, hoping to understand what his wife wants.

These and many other questions are not uncommon among men today. Most men do not know how to touch, how to respond to in intimate request, how it feels to be desired, or how it feels to, well, feel anything. Most of us men desperately need to be educated in the arts of intimate touch and its role in strengthening relationships.

The Apollo Project provides a unique opportunity for men to receive the education and coaching they need in order to be outstanding lovers and partners. We can all learn to better give and receive pleasure. In our 5 day intensive retreat, you will have the opportunity to work 1:1 with a female bodyworker to practice embodying specific skills on touch and pleasure, and receive guided coaching from two male Sexological Bodyworkers.

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