To Nurture

Feminine Energy for Male Sexuality

To the masculine:

I have a desire to hold you. To let you fall into my arms, lay your head on my chest. Let me stroke your hair as you breath quietly into my softness. It feeds and drives my fullness to nurture, speaks to my DNA, "let me care for you."

Will you allow yourself to drop in? To let go of what others may think, of how you may be perceived, of fully letting yourself feel cared for? 

Will you allow yourself to deserve it? What does that even feel like? To stop thinking about why it feels good to be held, to stop spectatoring your experience and just breathe with me? Let us lay here together, I will match my breath to yours, let our bodies regulate together, let your flesh relax, fall back into boyhood and acknowledge that we all need to be held. 

I have a desire to flow through all the deep immersive feelings that travel through my body. To feel with you, to allow you to feel with me: it is nothing to be afraid of. To feel the tightness in my chest, to feel the whelm of hot tears in my eyes, to heave and breathe in frustration or anger or sadness or joy. To say to my body "It is okay. You are okay. What a beautiful gift to feel this deeply. How can I support you in this?" 

The Divine Feminine is woven into me in this life. The capacity to Feel Deeply, to Hold, to Nurture, to Love Without Restraint, to Adore, for Devotion, I feel it in my womb, the capacity to Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. 

I stand fully in my Feminine and invite you here with me.