Rapid Ejaculation

The Impact of Cumming Too Quickly

Rapid ejaculation can be an ongoing issue in relationships.

I will share that I, too, believed it to be a big problem for me when I was experiencing cumming too quickly. I have climaxed from just being highly aroused, and the thought or the slightest touch from a woman would bring me to orgasm. Embarrassing, yes. A let down in the moment, yes. A compliment to the woman and the situation, yes. 

So let's look at that. What's going on with that? At first I thought ‘I'm too sensitive’. As I began to learn more about my body, I began to celebrate my sensitivity and learn to go slower with myself and my lovers. To move the energy around my body more, and to use my breath to access the pleasure of sensitivity while moving my body in a way that savoured the sensation without pushing it too far. Staying deeply in pleasure and deciding when or if I then want to climax. 

Using the situation that causes that level of arousal as a tool for fantasy with yourself or your partner. Somatic Sex Education provided at The Apollo Project is an excellent and proven way to work with Rapid Ejaculation. Working with a trained practitioner who is focused on you and your experience, allows for you to pay detailed attention to what is happening in your body without having to worry about pleasing or disappointing a partner. When you have repeated experiences of holding onto high levels of arousal in your body without climaxing, those patterns will be easier to access in partnered sex.