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Rewriting Sexual Shame

Rewriting Sexual Shame

How do we heal sexual shame that comes from society, culture, family, friends?

Are your actions aligning with your values?

We are all raised by families and societies that impact how we are shaped. Negative experiences have greater imprinting power on our bodies and our nervous systems. One, or many, continuous negative experiences around desire or sexuality can make it seem almost impossible to fully embrace the pleasure that your body is capable of.

Small traumas such as “be a man, get over it.” Big traumas of assault or surgeries or accidents.

“You’re not supposed to do that.”

“That’s disgusting. I can’t believe you like that.”

Emotional abuse. Sexual shaming. Religious guilt. All these experiences tell our bodies that it is not safe to be present in them. And when we are unable to be present in our bodies, we cannot align ourselves with the experiences of pleasure.

At Apollo we work with the process of undoing old stories and giving the body new stories that align with values and desires. We celebrate you as you are, and working with a practitioner allows you to deeply focus on you and your experience without concern of performing or pleasing another person. This is about you.

How would you like to be touched?

Rapid Ejaculation

Rapid Ejaculation

On rapid ejaculation: Why The Apollo Project might be your answer to lasting longer in partnered sex.