Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity as I have observed it within myself is about imbalance. Too much encouragement to endorse certain expressions of masculinity (in myself) and not enough space created to explore, let alone express, others. So what are these traits we are being taught to promote and why? 

What forms of masculine expression are not given space? What is out of balance?

I would be lying here if I claimed to have the answer and that I was going to teach other men the way to be. Instead, join Mehdi Darvish and I, along with our Muses, on an exploration. One where we can look at ourselves with a micro community as our witness. 

A community of men and women we can co-create to reflect a new version/form of how the masculine and the feminine interact. Within each of us as individuals hosting the dichotomy. Within each one of us the polarity of the masculine and the feminine dances. One supports the other.

The Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity exist in each of us and participate in each others dominance and submission in our lives. When in harmony they bow at each others feet with grace. When out of balance they are the creators of every war we fight in this world within us. 

If we blame the masculine we disempower the feminine. If we blame the feminine we dishonour the masculine. Our only path to healing is one we are on together. 

The Apollo Project is embarking upon an exploration to find the Gods within the masculine in order to honour the Goddess of the feminine, so that we no longer have to suffer in our hearts division. We can approach the unity of the future where separating men and women into groups that are opposed will be a concept of the past.