Masculinity & Sexuality Facilitators


Mehdi Darvish Yahya, MA

In all my social and professional roles (father, husband, friend, etc) and my professional role (psychotherapist) I have often come face to face with the need to find meaning and purpose in how I do what I do, as a man. Most of us men have for too long gone along with the unexamined common perceptions (prejudices) about our sexuality, our way of showing up and engaging with the world around us. We are now in a critically self-aware phase of our evolution. It is time we [re]-examined ourselves and discovered each of our unique ways of being.


Cosmo Meens, SSE

"Why have I chosen to follow this path...?

Why is Pleasure important...? Who am I?

All of my life I have looked around me for mentors. For men to look up to and learn what they know. From my father and my uncles, from my chosen brothers and from members of my community. As amazing as the men in my life have been there has been little to no mentorship around sexuality. Why is this?

This was a missing piece in my life up until a year and a half ago when I began the very vulnerable journey into exploring the truth of my sexuality. The truth of how to access and express pleasure without shame. The truth about navigating this desire with tools I did not have for most of my life. Tools to ask before I touch. Tools to say no to what I do not want. Tools to say yes to what I do want. Tools to give and take pleasure in a new way.

We are in a time of redefining what it means to be a man in the world today. Would you like to gain access to new tools?"