Frequently Asked Questions

What is erotic bodywork? 

Erotic bodywork is a one-way touch, full-body exploration in your pleasure. Our practitioners are there to serve you in finding your deepest eroticism using their hands and forearms as instruments for touch.

The cost of the retreat will vary from $4500 for shared room, $5500 for a private room. This does not include travel costs.

How much does the Apollo Retreat cost?

What is the layout of a day?

Each day participants will receive a 90 minute session, three full meals and snacks, scheduled activities, education, men’s circle, and free time.

Do I only work with one muse?

Yes. You will work with one primary practitioner, and an additional practitioner on your 4-handed session day.

Is this only for cis-men (men who were assigned male at birth)?

The Apollo retreats are specifically designed to cater to cis-men; although we are open connecting with anyone who feels a desire to participate. Please follow our sister company, Happy Touch, to stay updated about gender-flexible retreats.

Are there only female bodyworkers?


“I am interested but am concerned about experiences with premature ejaculation, porn-dependency, erectile dysfunction, shame around sexuality, body images issues, etc.”

We welcome you at all stages of your sexual journey! All of our staff are trained to work individually with clients to facilitate movement and healing through a variety of different sexuality-related issues and concerns. Apollo may be exactly what you are looking for to begin making shifts in your erotic experience!

How do I sign-up?

Because space is limited, we invite you to apply as your first step!