Sexological Bodyworkers & Somatic Sex Educators:

The Apollo Muses

In Greek and Roman mythology a Muse was any one of nine goddesses (daughters of
Zeus and Mnemosyne) who presided over the arts and sciences. Over time the word
came to mean a person or a force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. We chose Muse to describe our practitioners as inspiring educators who hold a special role in offering healing, exploration, care, and pleasure to those they work with.

Our muses are all Certified Somatic Sex Educators. You will work 1:1 daily with one of our team of Muses. In session with your bodyworker, you are invited to explore your true desires and experience new territories of pleasure.

 One of the offerings at The Apollo Project is to practice expanding the capacity for embodiment. It is easy to have sex and remain disembodied and disconnected from your Self. Once a man discovers his true pleasure of being in his body he is able to separate “gaining power over” from the beautiful sense of being present in the moment, moving fully into pleasure and connection, with self or others.

This is a unique and powerful opportunity to celebrate empowered masculinity and male desire. Our team is eager and enthusiastic to hold space for our attendees to come fully into themselves, offering exploration through allowing pleasure (receptive roles beyond performance), taking pleasure (using sensate focus methods to seek out pleasure), finding pleasure in your full body, and nurturing pleasure (moving beyond excitement/arousal and moving into blissful holding pleasure).


We are in service to the pleasure of your body, mind and heart. 

We can offer the embodied insight that the penis is not a phallus - not - or not only - a symbol of power and privilege - but a sensitive, vulnerable, soft compilation of tissue, nerves, blood and skin. We invite quiet contemplation of sexual sensation, and celebrate wild expressions of sexual pleasure. There are few men who do not find this form of erotic interaction healing, affirming, and liberating.
— Caffyn Jesse, Erotic Massage

the muses


Melissa Davison

As a devotee of authentic human connection, Melissa assists clients in deep levels of healing and transformation, through intimacy coaching, hypnosis and holistic sex education counseling, classes and workshops. Melissa believes in being tastefully explicit so that her clients and students can learn in a clear and empowered way. Her mission is to help other’s experience a healthy, passionate, shame-free sex-life, free of mental blockages, fear, religious or cultural stigma.

Whether you are seeking to shift an old pattern in your life, implement lasting change or learn new techniques – Melissa is your facilitator and Muse!

Nevada City, CA


Alyssa Morin

Alyssa Morin is a Somatic Sex Educator (certified through the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology), and Relationship and Intimacy Guide. Her work with individuals, couples and groups traverses a wide range: from practical, applicable, matter-of-fact sex education and problem-solving, to sensual, inexorable, earth-shattering magick, to clear self-knowing — all through the body. Learn more about her on her website,

Boulder, CO


Caitlin K. Roberts

Caitlin is a compassionate and playful educator with a invested interest in working with men and masculinity. She understands and celebrates the importance of pleasure and is eager to facilitate authentic alignment in her clients; body meets heartfelt desire. With a dive into full-body acceptance and pleasure comes the space to heal and thrive.

Caitlin is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and has studied with the International Professional Surrogates Association, and the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment.

Victoria, BC


Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

Hazel-Grace’s innovative, fun, and educational style of sex and intimacy coaching is born out of her deep commitment to creating a more compassionate, loving and safe world. She skillfully guides individuals and couples to venture boldly into the unknown territory of sexual liberation to become their most radiant selves, in the bedroom and beyond.
With more than 12 years experience as a pioneering educator, she brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to her practice.