Embodiment Retreats for Men

APRIL 2019

Your pleasure is welcome here.



Come and enjoy 5 days designed to encourage and honour male pleasure in a beautiful west coast rainforest. Relax and embrace your Authentic Masculinity.

All of our Apollo staff are Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators. We are here to support you in your pleasure journey,  offer guidance to enhance your experience, and nurturance to heal Demonized Masculinity.

When we have the opportunity to learn about our bodies, learn what we like and how we like it we can expand our relationship to pleasure. We can bring deeper presence into our interactions with ourselves and our partners than we could ever imagine.

what to expect

The Retreat location is a decadent and luxurious resort on the coast of Sooke, BC. Isolated, enriching, and breath-taking; a perfect location for you to submerge into your senses…

  • Bodywork sessions everyday with one of the Apollo Muses to explore your eroticism

  • Evening men’s circle on masculinity with Apollo facilitators Mehdi & Cosmo

  • Gourmet meals prepared by Tom Kral, The Nature Chef

  • Beautiful West Coast resort

  • Ziplining

  • Guided hikes

  • Kayaking tours

  • Whale watching

  • Hot tubs & sauna

Things you May Learn

  • how to access pleasure in your own body 

  • skills for navigating female pleasure and how to explore more pleasure with a female partner

  • how to open to discussing challenging topics with other men to explore the roots of toxic masculinity

  • find ease in your body in nature


Day 1: For your pleasure

Introduction to bodywork; asking for the touch you want. How can we make this better for you?

Day 2: exploring the prostate

If desired, a full session around diving into internal pleasure at your own pace.

Day 3: Blissed and relaxed

Moving between high excitement and sensuous enjoyment states; prolonging the pleasure experience, using breath and movement to push your edge. 

Day 4: 4 handed body worship

Two muses to one body; allow yourself to settle into your own godliness.

We can offer the embodied insight that the penis is not a phallus - not - or not only - a symbol of power and privilege - but a sensitive, vulnerable, soft compilation of tissue, nerves, blood and skin. We invite quiet contemplation of sexual sensation, and celebrate wild expressions of sexual pleasure. There are few men who do not find this form of erotic interaction healing, affirming, and liberating.
— Caffyn Jesse, Erotic Massage